09 May 2017

Annual Class in San Diego!

It's getting' to be that time o'year...

27 March 2017


Working on characters for etsy, and for COMIC-CON!! I'm still making these wiggly little guys — I just luv working in shells; it seems like it helps keep me connected to the ocean...

And speaking of water — yesterday we went hiking at
Elizabeth Lake.

That's a red-winged blackbird; we must have been close to a nest, cos it was keeping a pretty good eye on us. The last time we were out here, it took about an hour to go 'round the whole lake. This time it took an hour plus to get 'round a small portion. Go rain!

I can't believe it's getting to be time for SDCC already. I'm going to do the annual pre-Comic Con class in San Diego...looks like this year we'll be doing Steampunk Oddfae!

The dates will be July 15/16. Stay tuned for more details
regarding the class as it gets closer to July...

20 March 2017

I'm Ba-aaack...

Hey kids! I'm back from my "medical leave". Some of you know I have rheumatoid arthritis, which can be debilitating when it flares up — and that's what happened to me recently.

My RA doc and GP have had me on "vacation" from everything; no sculpting, no computer, no beadwork, NOTHING. I almost went bonkers. Well, more so than I already am...

I just got the green light, as long as I take it easy, to get back to work. I'm working on a commission at the mo', and it's time to think about sculpting stuff for Comic-Con already!!

Busy Busy!
Ciao for now — D