07 November 2016

Another Great Play Day

Spent the weekend once again in San Diego, my home away from home. A fun dinner at La Jolla Public House Saturday nite with the Blue Blazers was followed Sunday by a play day at Sue Roos' studio.

Sue is a fabulous hostess, and there was dollmaking, sculpting, jewelry-making and a good time had by all. Beautiful weather and a great lunch off the barbecue topped it off!

In other news, I'm working away on classes and commissions, and we have a new kittykid! Brrt is a curious lil guy, that talks to himself as he explores, hence the name. His other name may be Goblin, cos he's sure gobblin' the kibble!

A newly-finished Wolfie

Pardon the photo quality — my studio is such a mess, I can't find my photo cube; guess I'd better get up there and get cleaning! TTFN