31 October 2016

Happy Halloween!!

I have the honor of being Staedler North America's Halloween greeting on their Facebook page! I made this lil jack at Sandy Camp...

To every body out there — be safe and be fun!

26 October 2016

Cthulhu R’lyeh...Part Two

Well, I finally have one of my Elder Spawn in my Etsy shop, and working on more.

Pardon the paint on my hands, the pix were taken straight from the sculpting table!

There's a Jack on Etsy, too...

...and I'm working on a Wolfie for a commission!

If you're a Patron, I've just posted a quick step-out tutorial on sculpting Wolfie's face.

Where has the year gone? I need to finish my Jax so I can start on Christmas!! Anybody have any wishes for XMas oddfae? Maybe a Santa Wolfie...

19 October 2016

A New e-Book!

Hey-ho! Back from Sandy Camp and all inspired...and I just finished a new e-book that's available in my Etsy shop!

Learn to sculpt a character face, and wear it for the World to see! This is a photo tutorial with 24 pages of instructions with 65 photos.

Get your copy HERE!

Workin' on some jax that I started at Sandy Camp, and they'll be available soon...

11 October 2016

October Winners!!

Congratulations to Patrons DeEnna Lawson and Gail Garbe! They are my October winners for a small sculpt.

Interested in supporting me on Patreon? Click on over and read all about it...

In other news, I just got back from Chicago, where I taught a three-day class at the Windy City Doll Workshops. It rained the whole time I was there! Much appreciated by this Cali girl.

Stay tuned for this class, "Seasons of the Witch" to be online in the next few months...