14 September 2016

Dragons' Eyes...

How would it feel to have a dragon watching over you?

This hand-sculpted polymer clay art piece will give you a little bit of that feeling — wear a bit of dragon magic!

07 September 2016

Patr(e)on of the Arts

I have just launched my site on Patreon!

For those unfamiliar with Patreon, here's some info...

Artists are so lucky a place like Patreon exists — it's like a monthly Kickstarter to gain support for ideas and bring them to life. What's cool is anybunny can be a Patr(e)on... from $1 to $1000. I need some time and resources to get to some of the ideas that I've been mulling over for a couple of years, and to do the next book y'all are asking for. And maybe do an extra show or two — you Oddfans can help me do all that!

All reward levels will get news about my upcoming shows and events. Have a look at the Reward Tiers to see what kinda perks you'll get for your $$.

HUGE thanx to everyone who hops on board the Oddfae Wagon...it's gonna be Big Fun!!