18 June 2016

Cthulhu R’lyeh...

These little guys aren't just dreams...they're nightmares! A new batch of critters for Comic Con — I'm calling 'em Elder Babies!

You can see in the background there's another one waiting in line...
I think he's gonna be blue with one big eye.

All because I broke a shell and didn't want to throw it away!

04 June 2016

San Diego 2016

It's time for my annual pre-SDCC class in San Diego! We're going a little crazy this year — rather than everyone making the same doll. we'll all sculpt a face and build a cage doll to costume any way ya want!

What's a cage doll? You can read a brief history here... This guy is from my own doll collection.

I really want students to concentrate on letting your inner
coutourier out to play in this class, and also
change up the method of doll construction a bit...
the possibilities are endless! Hope to see you in San Diego in July!

Contact Sue Roos by emailing susanka48 at cox.net for more details