04 May 2016

...If Not for Deadlines...

...well, you know the rest.

It's time to work on pieces for Comic Con International ALREADY! Where has the year gone? And all the other pieces I need to do...I find myself wondering how I suddenly got so busy...

Another pocketwatch done. You can see more pix on Etsy...

Still working on the piece for "Unlocking Wonderland" —
I chose to interpret the Hatter. Some progress pix:

His nose kinda got away from me, but I think it works!

This doll is really an experiment for me, something I've wanted to
try for a looong time. If it works out, I may be off on a new direction for a while — stay tuned!

Gotta get up to the studio and get to work, so I'll post more next week...see ya then!


CaptCaywick said...

I love the big nose! Lots of character!