24 January 2014


So here is the first doll of the year...one of two needlefelting UFOs that have been sitting for quite a while...

If you'd like to see more pix, click here to go to my Etsy Shoppe.

The other UFO is a big dragon, I think his name is Peaches. I'll be finishing him soon (I hope); he's about 18 iches tall and is proving to be a challenge!

I need to finish his tummy and wings...tho' even with wings I don't think he's gonna get off the ground!

14 January 2014


Working on some new oddfae — and these guys are useful! Put pens, brushes, flowers, or whatever in them (does that mean he has something on his mind?). I'm calling 'em Jeremies, because why not. This is Jeremy George.

They're all over my studio, so it's time to put some up for adoption. Look for Jeremies in my Etsy Shoppe later this week!

01 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hey y'all! Hope your New Year's Eve was safe and fun...we stayed home and had a Doctor Who-athon with wine, pizza and chocolate chocolate chip brownies!

This year I'm setting intentions rather than making resolutions. Two of the things I hope to accomplish are to learn more about color in all the media I work with, and to learn Sculptris. And of course I'll continue my yoga practice, which I started on January 01 2013, and have grown to love!

Wish me luck!