14 November 2014


I have recently learned how to cast resin, taught by the multi-talented Kathy Davis...

First, I sculpt an original character in polymer clay...

...then pour a mold over the original.

When the mold rubber has set, the original sculpt comes out, and liquid resin is poured in. When the resin sets, the piece is demolded and detailed with paint and eyes, then I construct a doll.

I'm currently making OddPunks and DragonPunks.

'Punks have resin heads and feet, and the pieces are assembled on a soft body covered with faux fur, standing between 4 and 6 inches tall. I'm pretty sure they don't bite, but I'm not making any promises...

My cast resin figures are handmade, but are NOT one-of-a-kind.

The 'Punks are going up in my Etsy shop...and I'll have a couple new dolls in there, too...stay tuned!!

13 November 2014

Oddfae in 'CAFE

The new issue of PolymerCAFE has just hit the stands, featuring an "Elf for the Shelf" instructional, written by me!

That's actually the pic I took, so that's my REAL bookshelf...y'all can see what strange tomes I peruse.

Elfie is sculpted with FIMO Professional Doll Clay, my first time working with it, and it's quite a nice clay — give it a go!

There's an article by the lovely Marie Segal as well...grab a copy today!

12 November 2014

When Good Toons Go Bad

Another groovy show from Van Eaton Galleries!! Opening reception Saturday nite, November 15, 6pm...hope to see you there!

In case you can't make it, here's a look at the awesome artwork — Bad Toons...and the cartoon featuring my villain, Count Bloodcount, Transylvania 6-5000.


Just finished DesignerCon, the last convention for the year...working on commissions, some new designs, and a little beadwork, believe it or don't!

These guys are among the new work, and have cast resin faces and feet.

Someone suggested they look like circus punks, those strange dolls one throws baseballs at when playing games at a carnival, so I think these may be OddPunks...

Look for them in my Etsy shop soon.

08 August 2014

SDCC — See Ya Next Year

Always sad to leave San Diego, with all the great food and friends...
 ...but the oddfae and I will be back at SDCC next year!
And teaching in SD in the meanwhile. Masks and Trolls, anyone?

 The "Let's Get Small" classes were big fun, and
everyone made some great oddfae.

I sat on my first panel this year, "Artist as Brand", presented by Greg
Spalenka. It's VERY different seeing a panel from the other side... 0_o

Straight from my panel to the always-enjoyable
"Superhero Kung-Fu Extravaganza!" hosted by
Ric "Santa Claus" Meyers. It's become our Thursday
nite Comic Con tradition...
...then to Dick's Last Resort for late-nite/early-morning "dinner"...

The Booth Bunch, Janna, Des, Dee and Greg!
We should have taken the same pic Sunday at 5p...LOL

Dinner at BICE, a fab Italian restaurant, with the Booth Bunch plus Two — Ric and Karen! Go there for the DESSERT. >Homer Simpson drool<

...and here's the talented Gabe Garcia,
sculptor extraordinaire for Gentle Giant

And Moni surprised me from out of nowhere!
(Ginny photobombing)
One of the best things about Con is seeing friends!

Now back to the Real World and to work on commissions from Comic Con (and others), finish a magazine article, and sculpt a couple of dragons!

Stay tuned!

17 July 2014

Here Comes Comic Con!

It's that time of year again! I'm heading for San Diego to teach "Let's Get Small" this weekend, and next week is Comic Con. I'll be participating in my first panel this year, moderated by Greg Spalenka.

Click HERE for more info!


 I'll have new dolls, new masks, and some other awesome stuff, including the debut of my new sculpting tool! Hope to see ya there, booth 4716, under the Fantasy Illustrators banner.

30 May 2014

Teaching in San Diego...

This will be the second time — I hope it becomes an annual event!

12 May 2014

Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show

Over 100 artists pay tribute to Mike Mignola's Hellboy universe...and I'm honored to be among them!

The show, held at Hero Complex gallery in Los Angeles and curated by Chogrin Munoz, started off with a reception May 02 attended by Mike Mignola and wall-to-wall fans and artists. A good time was had by all, with everyone enjoying a slice of "pamcakes"...

The show is open 'til May 23. Definitely stop by Hero Complex if you have a chance, and if not, enjoy the artwork online:

Hellboy 20th Anniversary Art Show


01 May 2014


Hermit Shellfae Class starts May 1, 2014

Hermits are sculpted into real shells, and come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments...

The first Hermit turned up here in The Lair (my studio) one fine Autumn day in 2005, and he's inviting more and more of his friends and relatives to move in! I don't mind as they are usually pretty quiet...but if you'd like a Hermit to live with you, this class will teach you to sculpt your own shellfae in one incredibly detailed lesson!

This online class is self-paced, so you can work on it anytime you like. Written in PDF format, you can view it on your electronic devices, or print a copy. I'm available for "tech support" through a Yahoo group, where you can chat with fellow students, share pix of your work in progress and of your completed characters.

Use this link to Dawn Schiller's Hermit Class to sign up today at Doll Street Dreamers!

Other news...

WonderCon was good to the oddfae this year, and we'll be back next year. Saw lots of old friends (waving to Judi Wellnitz!), made some new ones, and just enjoyed the show! The cosplay rocked.

That's Rosenstern up there in the pic, and he seemed to be the most popular of the characters on the table, alongside Urisk, one of my older dolls...

...shown in my messy studio, with Kallen and Sehnedda in the background...

Next stop...

San Diego Comic Con
July 24-27, 2014

28 February 2014


I loved Bullwinkle when I was growing up! Actually, I still do. If you're in Sherman Oaks Saturday nite, stop by Van Eaton Galleries for "Moosylvania: the Jay Ward Tribute Show" opening and reception...Bullwinkle and I will be there!

11 February 2014

Snacktime for Peaches

Peaches is done and will soon be on his way to his new home! He was quite a learning experience, and I'm getting ready to start another dragon to put the new knowledge to use.

The wings in particular were quite the challenge...stay tuned in the next few days, and I'll have a quick photo tutorial how I made them...

24 January 2014


So here is the first doll of the year...one of two needlefelting UFOs that have been sitting for quite a while...

If you'd like to see more pix, click here to go to my Etsy Shoppe.

The other UFO is a big dragon, I think his name is Peaches. I'll be finishing him soon (I hope); he's about 18 iches tall and is proving to be a challenge!

I need to finish his tummy and wings...tho' even with wings I don't think he's gonna get off the ground!

14 January 2014


Working on some new oddfae — and these guys are useful! Put pens, brushes, flowers, or whatever in them (does that mean he has something on his mind?). I'm calling 'em Jeremies, because why not. This is Jeremy George.

They're all over my studio, so it's time to put some up for adoption. Look for Jeremies in my Etsy Shoppe later this week!

01 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Hey y'all! Hope your New Year's Eve was safe and fun...we stayed home and had a Doctor Who-athon with wine, pizza and chocolate chocolate chip brownies!

This year I'm setting intentions rather than making resolutions. Two of the things I hope to accomplish are to learn more about color in all the media I work with, and to learn Sculptris. And of course I'll continue my yoga practice, which I started on January 01 2013, and have grown to love!

Wish me luck!