19 July 2012


I'm taking orders for FaeMaker for those of you who'd like autographed copies...drop me a note with your email address and I'll add you to the list. I'm expecting two cartons next week; the carton I got yesterday has already sold out — thanx everybunny!

O, and check out my author page over on F&W Media... =-)


Kathy White said...

I love your work and I'm really excited about your new book. I'm at whiteworks@live.ca

Kathy White

ChasinRainbows2 said...

Awww, I already bought it from Amazon. May I bring it to Clay Carnival and have it autographed? Thanks with smiles, Sue C

Jayne said...

Egads, I'm so annoyed! I pre-ordered your book last December, I wish I'd waited and bought an autographed copy from you.
Anyway, I can't wait for my copy to arrive :o)