19 March 2012

Sneak Peek!!

A sneak peek at a character from FaeMaker...Chrainn the Elf.

18 March 2012

Website and Commissions

Hey y'all! Visited WonderCon this weekend and refueled the creativity cells! There's nothing like interacting with other artists in person to get ya revved up again.

SO, I'm working on commissions AND updating my website (www.oddfae.com) to reflect the soon-to-available "FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters with Polymer Clay". And trying to make new stuff for my Etsy shop. And maybe sleeping on occasion...X-D

In the meantime, if you haven't seen Fetch on my Facebook page, he's my assistant in the book, reminding me of little bits o'knowledge I may have forgot to mention — and there's instructions to make your own Fetch!

Stay tuned...

08 March 2012

Dair Duille

I was on my way to the mailbox, and Dair Dulle (Oak Leaf) strolled out of the landscaping to say "Merry Meet!" He graciously allowed me a few snapshots before he went on his way.

You can see more pix of the newest oddfae in my Etsy shop...