27 February 2012

More Chronoseidh

Folks just love these li'l guys, so I thought I'd better post their story... =-)

I recently visited a watch repair shop and came upon a Chrono Seidh (pronounced "seed"), one of the Tribe of Other Folk that used to live in the Forest, but have become fascinated with timepieces and mechanical things.

These tiny fae will dwell in any type of clockcase they can find, but are especially fond of pocketwatches. Chrono Seidh can be very helpful in watch repair, as they can repair the tiny works without need for tools!

23 February 2012


I finally get to attend Monsterpalooza this year — and even better, I'm signed up for Airbrush Asylum, an incredible class put on by Black Heart Enterprises. I can finally paint those full sculpts that have been hanging around "nekkid"!

22 February 2012

Clay Carnival 2012

It's official — I've signed on to teach at Clay Carnival in Las Vegas this year. If you're not busy in October, c'mon and play!


My class will be some kind of an oddfae face that can be worn, either a pin or a pendant. Stay tuned.

09 February 2012


There is suddenly a huge interest in Chronoseidh...I had to order more watch cases! If anyone has a good source, let me know — vintage cases are getting hard to find, and when one *does* find 'em, they ain't cheap!

I gotta come up with new ways to fold oddfae! ;-)

08 February 2012

Gearing Up...

We've got our room for Comic Con 2012! We're back at the haunted Horton Grand Hotel again... =-)

06 February 2012

Go Make Something!

Happy Monday, y'all!! I am finally getting back in the swing of sculpting, after concentrating on FaeMaker for the past year. I'm also working on a couple of new classes, to be announced soon, so stay tuned.

Today, I've got some new fae in my Etsy shop...a Finding Fae, a Shellfae, and a Podgorney.

Now, YOU go make something! And if it's chocolate, be sure to give me a call!