31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Here's wishing y'all a safe and Happy New Year — see ya in 2013!!

16 October 2012

The Oddfae Go to Canada

I'm exhibiting in a wonderful doll gallery in Canada called Dollirium...and my Sehnedda made the poster for this show!

15 October 2012

Autumn Thing Class on Doll Street

Doll Street has opened the Miss Cheevas class for Halloween...click here to pop on over and join us for spooky fun!

28 September 2012

Class Starts Today!!

I'll teach you to make your own Fetch! He's featured in my book “FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay”.

PLEASE NOTE — This is the same character as the Fetch in the book, taught in a greatly expanded class, with even more of my scintillating wit, ROFL...

You'll sculpt a head, hands, and feet with polymer clay, then assemble these pieces on a wire skeleton — Fetches are poseable!

After creating the body, you'll costume your character with leather, cheesecloth, or any other bits and bobs your Fetch may want to wear. No sewing skills required, and you'll have big fun!

Sign up on Doll Street 'til October 09. See ya there!

06 August 2012

More Books!!

Just got another carton of books! I'm on a first-name basis with the Fed Ex guy at this point... =-)

If you don't have one yet, click on over to my Etsy shop...

02 August 2012


Hey y'all!! In honor of the publication of FaeMaker, Judi over on Doll Street has put ALL my classes back up! If you wanna learn to make your own Hermit, or a Steampunk oddfae, now's your chance... =-)
Click on over to Creative College to sign up!

19 July 2012


I'm taking orders for FaeMaker for those of you who'd like autographed copies...drop me a note with your email address and I'll add you to the list. I'm expecting two cartons next week; the carton I got yesterday has already sold out — thanx everybunny!

O, and check out my author page over on F&W Media... =-)

17 July 2012

There, and Back from SDCC

San Diego Comic Con is over for another year...it goes so fast, and is exhausting, yet BIG FUN! We (Greg the Hubs, the oddfae, and me) have signed up for next year already, and will be doing a few other cons in the meantime, so stay tuned.

In other news, "FaeMaker" is now shipping on Amazon.com, and is number 5 in bestselling books on sculpture! Thanx, everyone!! It's available on Kindle, too...

09 July 2012

It's Almost Here!!


Here's a sneak peek at a project from my book, straight from the publisher!

Sculpting Hands

As the article says, we'll be at San Diego Comic Con this week, and we'll have a limited number of advance copies of FaeMaker! It should start shipping from the publisher in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out — it'll be here soon!

28 June 2012

Autumn Homunculus and SDCC

OK, here's the Autumn pocketwatch...

...and I'm working on all KINDS of stuff to take to Comic Con!

24 May 2012

The latest Chronoseidh....

...and before you ask, it's a bassoon. Working on an Autumn guy now...stay tuned!

22 May 2012

Sculpting with Simon Lee

So last Saturday, I attended the first session of the sculpting class taught by the uber-talented Simon Lee. He sat and sculpted this "sketch", as he called it, during the lecture.

My homework is to have a sketch done by next Saturday's session... 0_o

17 May 2012

Everyone Needs a Fetch...

One’s studio is never complete without an assistant — and you can learn to make your own! I'll teach you to make your own Fetch oddfae, as featured in my new book, “FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay” (available for pre-order on Amazon — click over to faemaker.com and follow the link).

If you're gonna be in the San Diego area July 7&8, think about signing up for this two-day workshop! It'll be big fun! The class is limited to 10 students, and we have four places left. If you'd like more information or want to sign up: Contact Sue Roos, susanka48@cox(dot)net.

08 May 2012

Say "Cheese"!

I can't believe how fast time is passing...it's been more than a week since I updated, and there's a lot going on...!

I am making pocketwatch oddfae as fast as I can...here's the latest! Contact me if you want to be added to the queue. Filling out forms for San Diego Comic Con, that'll be here before ya know it! 0_o Many out-of-state visitors, in the past, right now, and in future! Love seeing old friends. Working on the White Queen from Through the Looking Glass, to be a companion piece for the Red Queen I made some years ago.
...and I've started sculpting masks again — they always go over big at Comic Con! Stay tuned...

30 April 2012

The One Called The Greenman...

The weather's changing and it's time to make Greenmen again! You'll find this one in my Etsy shop.

...more to come!

19 April 2012

Polymer Clay Daily

Chuffed to be featured on Polymer Clay Daily again!

16 April 2012

Hot Off the Press!!

June 2012
Interview and a sculpting lesson!

Fan Girl!

One of my heroes — Dick Smith! Monsterpalooza 2012...

10 April 2012

Home Again

So the kids are all home safely from the publisher's, and things are getting back to "normal"...I let 'em outta the boxes and they're into everything!

06 April 2012

The Kids are Alright!

Well, as I'm working on the latest needlefelted softie, which I'm calling an Oddball...the FedEx guy brings me six boxes! The "kids" from the book (faemaker.com) are starting to arrive home! It's almost like XMas, unpacking everyone...altho' some of 'em are pretty cranky about being stuffed in a box just to have their picture taken.

O, and Oddball is in my Etsy shop... =-)

19 March 2012

Sneak Peek!!

A sneak peek at a character from FaeMaker...Chrainn the Elf.

18 March 2012

Website and Commissions

Hey y'all! Visited WonderCon this weekend and refueled the creativity cells! There's nothing like interacting with other artists in person to get ya revved up again.

SO, I'm working on commissions AND updating my website (www.oddfae.com) to reflect the soon-to-available "FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters with Polymer Clay". And trying to make new stuff for my Etsy shop. And maybe sleeping on occasion...X-D

In the meantime, if you haven't seen Fetch on my Facebook page, he's my assistant in the book, reminding me of little bits o'knowledge I may have forgot to mention — and there's instructions to make your own Fetch!

Stay tuned...

08 March 2012

Dair Duille

I was on my way to the mailbox, and Dair Dulle (Oak Leaf) strolled out of the landscaping to say "Merry Meet!" He graciously allowed me a few snapshots before he went on his way.

You can see more pix of the newest oddfae in my Etsy shop...

27 February 2012

More Chronoseidh

Folks just love these li'l guys, so I thought I'd better post their story... =-)

I recently visited a watch repair shop and came upon a Chrono Seidh (pronounced "seed"), one of the Tribe of Other Folk that used to live in the Forest, but have become fascinated with timepieces and mechanical things.

These tiny fae will dwell in any type of clockcase they can find, but are especially fond of pocketwatches. Chrono Seidh can be very helpful in watch repair, as they can repair the tiny works without need for tools!

23 February 2012


I finally get to attend Monsterpalooza this year — and even better, I'm signed up for Airbrush Asylum, an incredible class put on by Black Heart Enterprises. I can finally paint those full sculpts that have been hanging around "nekkid"!

22 February 2012

Clay Carnival 2012

It's official — I've signed on to teach at Clay Carnival in Las Vegas this year. If you're not busy in October, c'mon and play!


My class will be some kind of an oddfae face that can be worn, either a pin or a pendant. Stay tuned.

09 February 2012


There is suddenly a huge interest in Chronoseidh...I had to order more watch cases! If anyone has a good source, let me know — vintage cases are getting hard to find, and when one *does* find 'em, they ain't cheap!

I gotta come up with new ways to fold oddfae! ;-)

08 February 2012

Gearing Up...

We've got our room for Comic Con 2012! We're back at the haunted Horton Grand Hotel again... =-)

06 February 2012

Go Make Something!

Happy Monday, y'all!! I am finally getting back in the swing of sculpting, after concentrating on FaeMaker for the past year. I'm also working on a couple of new classes, to be announced soon, so stay tuned.

Today, I've got some new fae in my Etsy shop...a Finding Fae, a Shellfae, and a Podgorney.

Now, YOU go make something! And if it's chocolate, be sure to give me a call!

16 January 2012

More Needlefelting

I've been waiting on locks for my satyr, so I needled up this li'l guy. His name is Sketch. Someone on Facebook suggested he and his brothers hide at the bottom of her wool basket and run off with her felting needles...