18 July 2011


Clothes on...need to sculpt fingers and paint.

Ordinarily, I'd paint him before clothing, but his hands aren't dry, and I'm still sculpting other pieces for sale. I'm planning to paint him either in the hotel room, or at the booth. I'm thinking people may be interested in the process.

I may change his clothes once we're back from the show, and I will probably put more detail in his hands — I'm doing the simplest fingers possible...more to come!

17 July 2011


Cre has legs. Subject to Spooky's approval, of course...

15 July 2011

Busy Day!

So, five hours and some bad words later, I have thirteen freshly painted masks! And took pix of Cre in his bones:

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to put his shirt on before I sculpt his hands...at least he doesn't have to go in the oven!

Time is growing short, as I want him to be the mascot for the booth at Comic Con. I have to do the hands TONITE if they're to dry in time. It's looking like I'll have to paint him after we get to San Diego!

14 July 2011

Yah, I'm Insane...

So, amongst all the writing of classes, teaching classes, making oddfae to take to Comic Con, and sculpting masks...I decided I needed one more thing to work on.

This is Cre. I'm working with Paperclay for the first time in quite a while — I love this stuff! It's so messy, it gets you in touch with your inner child, yet one can do "grownup" art with it...

I have just finished putting Cre's skeleton together, and will show that pic in my next post.

Oh, yah...Cre is 42 inches tall!