29 May 2011

Oddfae on eBay

A Sea Seidh — if you're going to the beach for Memorial Day, keep an eye out for these li'l guys!! If you'd like to adopt this one, click here. Have a great holiday!

21 May 2011


"Please to bend down to the one called the Green Man, forever to him you're tied..."

The Green Man has struck a deep chord in me since the first time I laid eyes on one.

The Green Man is a foliate "gargoyle" image found on and in churches and temples all over Western Europe, parts of Asia, and North Africa. He is probably as old as mankind itself, and is known by many names; Jack-in-the-Green, the Old Man in the Woods, or simply, the Green Man. These carvings and reliefs are variously interpreted as pagan fertility symbols, or representations of resurrection and rebirth.

For me, he is the embodiment of Nature and all outdoors, something very dear to my heart. Making Green Man beads and brooches is like sketching in clay, and lets me indulge in colorwork that I don't use when I make dolls.

Available on Etsy...

18 May 2011

Etsy and Artfire

Adding new pieces to my Etsy and ArtFire shops today! And there's a couple of new Hermits on eBay, too...

04 May 2011

Steampunk in Progress...

He needs some accessorising, but he's almost done!

03 May 2011

Teaching Live!

The last two meetings of Valley Dolls doll club have been a Steampunk Oddfae class...it was big fun, and all the gals were really happy with their finished doll. You can see pix of the heads by clicking here!

I'll be teaching the same class on Doll Street soon, stay tuned here and on my Facebook group, Odd Fae and Autumn Things, for the announcement.