28 December 2011


This li'l fella and I can't agree what he wants to be, so we're experimenting with color blending... =-)

24 December 2011

Merry XMas from the Oddfae and Me!

13 December 2011


I have been working on a book! Impact Books will be publishing "FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters with Polymer Clay" in 2012. Faemaker includes step-by-step instructions to make a variety of fantasy characters; also includes stories, poems and a gallery of my work.


21 October 2011

New Class on Doll Street!

She's not wicked, she's just Miss Cheevas!

Learn to make this Halloween oddfae! Carabassa (her given name) is a great project to help hang on to that Halloween spirit just a little longer. Sign up on Doll Street and join in the fun! Click here for more details...

12 October 2011

Voodoo Jack WiP

Stay tuned...

25 September 2011

New Oddfae

The newest Oddfae! Meet Ambrose Autumn...

12 September 2011

Direct Link for Classes

I've a bunch of classes running now, and writing more! Here's the link for the two newest classes... =-)

Give Yourself a Hand — Click HERE

Building a Steampunk Oddfae — Click HERE


11 September 2011

I've Just Joined the Faculty!

I'm excited to announce a new venue for me, and a new class!

Mon 9/12... Bazinga! - 25% off for two days - for Dawn Schiller's debut class on CraftEdu.com... sculpting hands in polymer clay.

Watch for more of my classes on CraftEdu in the near future...

19 August 2011

Miscellaneous Musings...

Finally getting around to posting a pic from ComicCon — showing off our groovy tshirts!

ArtFire has a new widget allowing one to purchase from an Artfire shop without joining the site. It took a few minutes to figure out, but it's a pretty neat idea, if it works. It's over there on the right-hand side of the blog...

There's new art in my Etsy shop, and I'll be posting even more new stuff later today.

The Steampunk Oddfae class is entering its second week with some really fab dolls being made. The class is self-paced so you can start whenever you like and we've a chatty group...this week's lesson is body-building! Check it out here.


08 August 2011

Steampunk Oddfae Class on Doll Street

Hey, these guys are finally a class...we're starting this Friday, August 12. Head on over to Doll Street to sign up!

02 August 2011

Cre Back Home...

I'm finally catching up from Comic Con, and Cre has been after me to publish his pic...he had a great time! Everyone loved him, tho' most were convinced he was "Dobby" in disguise. I think he was wandering around at night pickin' up freebies...

He may get a bit of a makeover now we're home. I want to refine his hands, and do some more painting, probably with the airbrush. And he's definitely gonna get new armature on his lower legs! We had a bit of an engineering problem with weak ankles...

18 July 2011


Clothes on...need to sculpt fingers and paint.

Ordinarily, I'd paint him before clothing, but his hands aren't dry, and I'm still sculpting other pieces for sale. I'm planning to paint him either in the hotel room, or at the booth. I'm thinking people may be interested in the process.

I may change his clothes once we're back from the show, and I will probably put more detail in his hands — I'm doing the simplest fingers possible...more to come!

17 July 2011


Cre has legs. Subject to Spooky's approval, of course...

15 July 2011

Busy Day!

So, five hours and some bad words later, I have thirteen freshly painted masks! And took pix of Cre in his bones:

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to put his shirt on before I sculpt his hands...at least he doesn't have to go in the oven!

Time is growing short, as I want him to be the mascot for the booth at Comic Con. I have to do the hands TONITE if they're to dry in time. It's looking like I'll have to paint him after we get to San Diego!

14 July 2011

Yah, I'm Insane...

So, amongst all the writing of classes, teaching classes, making oddfae to take to Comic Con, and sculpting masks...I decided I needed one more thing to work on.

This is Cre. I'm working with Paperclay for the first time in quite a while — I love this stuff! It's so messy, it gets you in touch with your inner child, yet one can do "grownup" art with it...

I have just finished putting Cre's skeleton together, and will show that pic in my next post.

Oh, yah...Cre is 42 inches tall!

20 June 2011

San Diego Comic Con

It's almost that time again...Comic Con! July 19 - 24 in San Diego CA. We'll be in Booth 4716 this year, under the Fantasy Illustrators banner. Come visit the oddfae and me — I'll be demoing sculpting all weekend, selling character figures and faux faces, and there will be steampunk! Hope to see ya there...=-)

01 June 2011

Polymer Clay Daily

Cynthia Tinapple was kind enough to feature the Oddfae on Polymer Clay Daily again! This blog is absolutely worth subscribing to...you've never seen so much beautiful art in your life, delivered to your inbox every day!

In other news...I finally made a GREEN Green Man...LOL
Available on ArtFire and Etsy.

29 May 2011

Oddfae on eBay

A Sea Seidh — if you're going to the beach for Memorial Day, keep an eye out for these li'l guys!! If you'd like to adopt this one, click here. Have a great holiday!

21 May 2011


"Please to bend down to the one called the Green Man, forever to him you're tied..."

The Green Man has struck a deep chord in me since the first time I laid eyes on one.

The Green Man is a foliate "gargoyle" image found on and in churches and temples all over Western Europe, parts of Asia, and North Africa. He is probably as old as mankind itself, and is known by many names; Jack-in-the-Green, the Old Man in the Woods, or simply, the Green Man. These carvings and reliefs are variously interpreted as pagan fertility symbols, or representations of resurrection and rebirth.

For me, he is the embodiment of Nature and all outdoors, something very dear to my heart. Making Green Man beads and brooches is like sketching in clay, and lets me indulge in colorwork that I don't use when I make dolls.

Available on Etsy...

18 May 2011

Etsy and Artfire

Adding new pieces to my Etsy and ArtFire shops today! And there's a couple of new Hermits on eBay, too...

04 May 2011

Steampunk in Progress...

He needs some accessorising, but he's almost done!

03 May 2011

Teaching Live!

The last two meetings of Valley Dolls doll club have been a Steampunk Oddfae class...it was big fun, and all the gals were really happy with their finished doll. You can see pix of the heads by clicking here!

I'll be teaching the same class on Doll Street soon, stay tuned here and on my Facebook group, Odd Fae and Autumn Things, for the announcement.

27 March 2011

Jackman the First

Experiments with masks and dolls...more pix in my Etsy shop!

07 March 2011


I'm featured on Lisa Johnson's blog! Check it out...thanx Lisa!

16 February 2011

New Oddfae Class on Doll Street

I'm teaching on Doll Street again!! Class starts March 04, sign-ups are open NOW!! Lady of the Unseelie Court

12 February 2011

Contemplating Mischief...

SpookyTime Jingles updates at Midnite tonite! Watch out for Letitia, contemplating mischief...