04 November 2010

PiP (Phillip in Progress)

Meet Phillip. He's going to have a needlefelted body. I started him at Sandy Camp and he's finally ready to get fleshed out. I'm playing with body proportions on this li'l guy, and may stick with the short body/long legs for a while. Stay tuned!!

...and don't forget, the Hermit class starts again tomorrow! See the post of October 18 for all details.



Anonymous said...

I love his face.

Marisa said...

Great start! he's got hoofs!

Anonymous said...

I just finished the first hermit class. Great fun and my hermit is a bit happier then most.


Cody Goodin said...

Phillips' looking good. I love changing the proportions around a bit. It makes for an interesting character.

Pattee said...

I love him Dee!!!
I love elongated arms and legs!

Love those horns!
I must of been a deer in a past life...


Jan Bush-Wood said...

I like to see how you made your armature. It's my least favorite part of creating a figure. Do you mind telling me, what gauge or type of wire do you use?
I am a fan of your work.

Lisa Johnson said...

He is going to be wonderful cant wait to see him finished!

Trudie Averett said...

Oh my, he is a character and a half even without a filled-out body. Amazing!