07 April 2010

Needled Satyr

Newest doll..he just needs curls!


Andrea Paterson said...

Your needle felting is incredible.I've done a lot of polymer clay sculpting and am just moving into needle felting and would love to hear a bit about your felting process. What kind of roving are you using? What sort of needles? How do you get the wool to look so smooth?

I'm totally impressed!


Sue said...

Wow Dawn! NOT fair - not only are you a master of polymer clay, but also of needlefelting! (joking)

He is amazing!


Marie S said...

He is awesome Dawn!
Well done you!

Ascension said...

Is it any wonder !!!!!
besitos ascension

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

He is absolutly adorable !!!!!!!!!! Brillant work Dawn !!!
xxx Silke

Gaina said...

He's beautiful! :)

Could you do something that would really help? Could you make your 'post a comment text' a bit darker? It's very pale blue at the moment and I have trouble seeing it unless I hit CTLR+A on my keyboard.

Thanks :)

Pattee said...

What can I say D~ She;s just fabulous!

Flora said...

All of the above and then some!!!!!
FANTASTICAL!!!!You have magical hands Dawn!!