10 March 2010

I Love My Wooden Tools...

Many of you know I have sculpted for years with a manicure stick...now the hands are getting creaky, that teeny manicure stick is a little hard to hold on to. So I got me one o'these!


I REALLY like this tool, *and* they made me a custom tool as well that is soooo nice for arthritic hands. Tell 'em Oddfae sent ya!



Unknown said...

Dawn, I first saw your site during OWOH, I'm so glad. I get a kick out of your sculpture, so tiny, not any easy thing. I love your imagination, so creative and fun. thanks for the inspiration.
PS I hear ya, as we age...it's getting harder for me to see.
Damn it!

Pattee said...

I love my wooden tools also D.

And yes those arthritic hands!!! I remember you gave me a small bottle of something that you rub on your hands... do you remember what it is? Do you still use it?
Maybe if i have the name I can find it up here...