04 November 2010

PiP (Phillip in Progress)

Meet Phillip. He's going to have a needlefelted body. I started him at Sandy Camp and he's finally ready to get fleshed out. I'm playing with body proportions on this li'l guy, and may stick with the short body/long legs for a while. Stay tuned!!

...and don't forget, the Hermit class starts again tomorrow! See the post of October 18 for all details.


18 October 2010

Hermits Seen on Doll Street...

Hey, the Hermit class is back! Go to http://www.dollstreetdreamers.com/, follow the link to "Creative College" and look for Hermits!

13 September 2010

Two Things

Hi everyone! I've put some new masks in the Etsy shop...www.oddfae.etsy.com

And SpookyTime Jingles Sept update is live! http://spookytimejingles.com/userpages.php?usersearch=oddfae

Don't forget to Do the Circuit and see the best Halloween/XMas art on the web! http://www.spookytimejingles.com/

I'm working hard on some new classes for Doll Street, and the Hermit class will run again soon.
'til next time...cheers!

12 September 2010

Super Happy Crochet Cute!

Having a great time with this at the mo'...guess I'm destined to make dolls, no matter what the medium! =-D

13 August 2010

It's SpookyTime!

SpookyTime Jingles update!! Do the Circuit for the best Halloween/XMas art on the 'net!

Click here!

12 July 2010

There's Still Time to Bid!

Watchman the Second ends today...

Click here!

16 June 2010

New Class on Doll Street!

I'm teaching on Doll Street again -- yay! Sculpting a Realistic Face is part of a series of self-contained classes, so you can take one or all. If you take the whole series, you'll have a complete doll at the end!

More details: http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_Item_Details.asp?Shopper_id=18086915534018...08&Store_id=235&page_id=23&Item_ID=1501

26 May 2010

New Masks

Last day of Southern Faire 2010...

13 May 2010

SpookyTime Jingles 13 May

Meet Hettie...she's a little cranky cos it's not Halloween yet!

Click here to see more of Hettie...and don't forget to do the Circuit, to see some of the best Halloween art there is!

15 April 2010

He's Done!!

Here he is, curls and all...

07 April 2010

Needled Satyr

Newest doll..he just needs curls!

13 March 2010

SpookyTime Jingles for March

Hey, it's that time again -- the 13th and SpookyTime Jingles is live. This is D. Edd, the Autumn Thing for March...You can visit him by clicking here, but don't forget to do the STJ Circuit and view all the wonderful holiday art!

11 March 2010

Lonely Satyr

He definitely needs a treestump, and I may give him different horns...

10 March 2010

I Love My Wooden Tools...

Many of you know I have sculpted for years with a manicure stick...now the hands are getting creaky, that teeny manicure stick is a little hard to hold on to. So I got me one o'these!


I REALLY like this tool, *and* they made me a custom tool as well that is soooo nice for arthritic hands. Tell 'em Oddfae sent ya!


09 March 2010

My Take on Pop Culture...

Who knew? There are Seidh on Pandora...=-D

05 March 2010

Polymer Clay Daily

I made Polymer Clay Daily again... =-)

04 March 2010

Peace Felt 2010

Marie Spaulding - aka Living Felt - is inviting felt artists to join together in a circle of peace around the world through our felt making with Peace Felt 2010.

The Mission of Peace Felt 2010 is

"To promote peace and connectivity among nations, loving kindness among individuals, gratitude in our hearts and in our consciousness - knowing that WE create our world through our thoughts, words and actions.

To, as Gandhi reminded us, "Be the change we wish to see in the world."

To promote awareness of the ancient art of felt making and the modern craft of needle felting for its qualities of being earth friendly, extremely versatile, and easy to learn!"


02 March 2010

Work in Process

I'm going to *try* to keep a WIP blog of my latest project...I've had this idea in mind for quite a while, I just hadn't found the most important supply -- the dolls!

I went to the local flea market this AM, and there they were! The twins...and the price was right -- two dolls for two dollars!

Stay tuned...

28 February 2010


I feel kinda strange posting this, but folks have been asking...

I don't have a book yet, but am looking into a couple of options. If you'd like, I can add you to my email list so you'll know about eBay auctions, new Etsy items, classes, etc.

I have been featured in Art Doll Quarterly, and have work in several books...

Making Gourd Dolls & Spirit Figures by Ginger Summitt and Jim Widess
The Illustrated Bead Bible: Terms, Tips & Techniques by Theresa Flores Geary
Polymer Clay for the Fun of It! by Kim Cavender
Faux Surfaces in Polymer Clay by Irene Semanchuk Dean
The Complete Book of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka

There have also been a couple of my pieces in Faerie magazine and Faeries and Enchantment magazine.

25 February 2010

Oddfae on Doll Street

I'm teaching on Doll Street again...=-)

Click Here!

23 February 2010

New Candlewycke

It's getting to be that you can't light a candle in this house...!

Which Monster are You?

Sphinx, by Hrana Janto

You are the Sphinx. She was a monster who killed for the intellectual joy of it. It was only Oedipus solving her riddle that killed her - she threw herself off a cliff. She kept an entire country under her paw in a reign of terror.

See all of the possible results | Take the test again | Read more about the Sphinx

Paleothea.com - the Ancient Goddess

01 February 2010


All the way from Norway, our Dark Artists' Esther has generously donated a piece for a giveaway to kick off our New Season, New Forum -- Grim City -- and our open membership.

The Dark Artist Guild now has an active season, from Feb. 1 through November 1, and we have also opened up our membership to anyone who would like to join our new forum. Click on over to the DAG blog for more info re: the giveaway and the Guild!!

18 January 2010

I Forgot...

SpookyTime Jingles went live on the 13th! Been so busy with piles o'stuph in the studio...

Click here for a XMas oddfae, but don't forget to "Do the Circuit"! There's some really great art this month (as usual)...=-)

07 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hey, we're finally home and I'm almost ready to get back to work; I'm actually updating my website!! I added a page for the masks, and I'll have some new pix soon...

The rest of the week I'll be cleaning the studio, and getting ready for the 13th -- new Halloween and XMas pieces on SpookyTime Jingles!