30 June 2009

Sea Seidh Mikli

Sea Seidh are Potato Chip Fae...=-)

29 June 2009

People are Funny

I found this discussion on accident...http://digg.com/arts_culture/Steampunk_Oddfae

25 June 2009

Sea Seidh C'Tey

Naie isn't the only Sea Seidh who appreciates a clam shell!!

22 June 2009

First SDCC Doll

The first of the oddfae for Comic Con is finished...meet Sehnedda!

18 June 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

You know it's Summer when the Sea Seidh emerge from their cozy shells and find a handy clam shell for an afternoon snooze!

15 June 2009


Please pardon the confusion while I figure out my new template...

13 June 2009

It's SpookyTime!!

It's the 13th of the month, and that means SpookyTime Jingles is live! Click here for more pix of Sophronia...and don't forget to browse the other artists to see some fabulous Halloween art!

08 June 2009


Got my renewal notice for Doll Crafter this weekend, so I wrote a note and sent it back. "Bring back the Halloween gallery and articles and we'll talk..."

06 June 2009

Faerie Magazine

The Beadle is in Faerie magazine! He and a Beaden Egg are in a gallery with several other fantasy artists, including the magickal work of Aleah Klay. Get your faerie-loving hands on a copy -- it's definitely worth it!