10 April 2009

Mikey Sculpts Fantasy

I have been watching Mikey O'Connell on eBay for a couple of years, because I'm completely in love with his li'l witches!! Lately, he's been making the most wonderful odd fae -- is it any wonder we've become friends?!

These quirky gnomes'n'such are just brimming with personality, and Mikey's costuming (he has a theatrical background) is all a forest dweller could want...check out Mikey's website, and look for Fantasy Sculpts auctions on eBay.


Sue said...

Dawn, thank you SO much for blogging about this artist! His work is enchanting. Just checked out his website and oh my, absolutely delightful. I'm definitely going to start watching him on Ebay!

Judy C said...

This guy is just wonderful. I will really enjoy looking at his work. Thanks.

Kristina von Wiesen said...

Absolutely adorable. His work is awesome and makes me giggle. Thanks for sharing!