14 April 2009

29 Years!?

Wow, I've been friends with Jim Keast for a loooooong time! As a matter of fact, Jim was with me when I bought my first box of Super Sculpey. We used to spend hours drawing, sculpting and watercoloring...the good old days! I really miss having a studio partner.

So anyways, y'all gotta go check out Mr. Jim's art! Find him at Fairy Art and More, or look for his work on eBay...you'll be glad you did.

C'iao for now!


Sue said...

Incredible artist! I've seen Jim's art before - it is great to find out that you and he are longtime friends. Both of you are lucky to have that friendship.

Anne Onni Mouse said...

Nice work! I especially enjoy the tortoise. I know what you mean about missing that work partner.

Anonymous said...

Loove your sculpts! So detailed too!