27 April 2009

Dark Artists' Guild

I'm the Artist of the Week at The Dark Artists' Guild! There are some fabulous artists in the Guild, it's definitely worth a look...follow the links from the blog to the Guild site, and individual artist shops. You'll love it!

21 April 2009

Surgery Update...

It's a bit of a rough go -- there were three procedures altogether. Trim and repair torn meniscus, replace anterior cruciate ligament, smooth damage done by rheumatoid arthritis to the large bone in the lower leg -- it's the last that is causing the most pain. And the pain meds are making me sick.

Anyone got some cheese to go with my whine? LOL

15 April 2009

Finally Getting Fixed!!

Video games, anyone?

The surgery on my knee has been scheduled for 930am tomorrow morning. I more than likely will be offline all weekend, but I'll type to y'all as soon as I can. Think good thoughts!

14 April 2009

29 Years!?

Wow, I've been friends with Jim Keast for a loooooong time! As a matter of fact, Jim was with me when I bought my first box of Super Sculpey. We used to spend hours drawing, sculpting and watercoloring...the good old days! I really miss having a studio partner.

So anyways, y'all gotta go check out Mr. Jim's art! Find him at Fairy Art and More, or look for his work on eBay...you'll be glad you did.

C'iao for now!

13 April 2009

Halloween (and XMas)

I've been juried in to a Halloween artists' collective...my page is
live today! SpookytimeJingles

10 April 2009

Mikey Sculpts Fantasy

I have been watching Mikey O'Connell on eBay for a couple of years, because I'm completely in love with his li'l witches!! Lately, he's been making the most wonderful odd fae -- is it any wonder we've become friends?!

These quirky gnomes'n'such are just brimming with personality, and Mikey's costuming (he has a theatrical background) is all a forest dweller could want...check out Mikey's website, and look for Fantasy Sculpts auctions on eBay.

03 April 2009

More Oddfae at Cafe Press...

New oddfae items on Cafe Press!! T-shirts, mugs, cards and totes... http://www.cafepress.com/oddfae

02 April 2009

Cafe Press

I have just opened a Cafe Press shop -- stay tuned for more items featuring oddfae!!