16 February 2009


I finally have my Etsy shop up and running again -- the plan is to keep things in there!! Most likely I will move everything for sale from my website to Etsy. Beadle is my first offering, and as soon as Viktor returns from loan he'll be listed as well. Click here to go to my Etsy...and stay tuned!


Pattee said...

OMG Dawn he is fabulous.....
I know the Native mexican indians have done such beautiful work... time consuming.

I really appreciate all the work.

Judy Skeel said...

You simply blow my mind. Beadle is a hoot. AS always your detail is divine, but the placement of all those beads - you must have better eyesight that I! Congrats on Etsy. I am clueless on how that works. Ah, maybe someday. Sigh. Not enough hours in my days as it is!