31 August 2008

Back from San Diego

The class went very well -- everyone went home with a sculpted head, and we had a lot of fun! AND, the gals threw a little birthday party for me...how cool is that?!

The Dimensions in Dollmaking show was fantastic this year -- over 60 dolls from all the world (I'll post a pic of my entry in the next couple of days). It was very inspiring, and I'm just brimming with new ideas...stay tuned!!

20 August 2008

The Kneebone's Connected to the Headache...

Saw the knee specialist this afternoon...he did more xrays and a more in-depth look at the MRI. The ACL is detached, we knew that, but rather than a lateral ligament tear, the medial meniscus (on the inside of the knee) is torn, and both the large bones are bruised badly -- it shows up on the xray as big white patches. He said it may take a year for the bruising to heal.

I'm off the crutches and walking with a cane. I'm going to do two months of physical therapy, to see if the knee will stabilise, then I will see the doc again and we will talk if surgery is needed.

.....and the cold has become flu, and I've lost my voice. =-P

11 August 2008

Success x 2!!

The oddfae did quite well at Comic Con (3 gone to new homes, and so many Hermits adopted I lost count!), and some of the dolls went to the Doll and Teddy Bear EXPO last weekend, where one of them found a new home...they're starting to leave faster than I make them!