08 April 2008

Wendy Froud Workshop

This past weekend I was a participant in Wendy Froud's "Creating a Faery Figure" Pasadena workshop -- while I picked up a couple of tips, mostly it was just fun to be in a creative atmosphere and to see Wendy and Toby again. I got to meet some gals I had only known online up 'til now, and make a couple new friends.

O, yah! I made a doll, too! LOL

Here are some WIP pix of Leonidas...stay tuned for a completed portrait.


Ayala Art said...

Great pictures! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Great doll! May I ask what is the armature made of? Wire wrapped with? I would love to make a santa doll with paper clay and fabric over an armature but am stuck. How great that there are workshops near you to attend.