09 April 2008

Here's Leonidas

All finished!!

08 April 2008

Wendy Froud Workshop

This past weekend I was a participant in Wendy Froud's "Creating a Faery Figure" Pasadena workshop -- while I picked up a couple of tips, mostly it was just fun to be in a creative atmosphere and to see Wendy and Toby again. I got to meet some gals I had only known online up 'til now, and make a couple new friends.

O, yah! I made a doll, too! LOL

Here are some WIP pix of Leonidas...stay tuned for a completed portrait.

03 April 2008

Finally, a BJD...

This is what I've been doing for the last week, rather than things I'm supposed to be doing...=-D

I have intended to make one of the ball-jointed dolls (BJD) for several years now, and finally sat down and made one!

All Jonna's parts are hand-sculpted -- he is hollow, and strung together with elastic, so he is completely posable. Now the poor li'l fae needs some clothes!

I'm very pleased with the result, and will be doing more in future....I think the next one will be a Faeda...