23 February 2008

My Pwcca Kitty

Pwcca is only 9 months old...and he's been diagnosed with FIP.

This is a disease kittens contract when exposed to it at 4-5 weeks of age; it lies dormant and then some sort of stress brings it on...and he fell off the loft last week and injured his back -- that was the trigger. Nine months is the optimum age for FIP; if I understand correctly, once past the first birthday the chances of developing it go way down...

He could die tonite, or he could live for a couple more months, but I am going to lose him.

Pwcca's my little luvbug, and I'll miss him so!! He used to sit on my shoulder while I was sculpting, and put his little paws around my neck and kiss me on the nose. He's such a sweetie the vet even cried when she told me.

Addendum: My Pwcca died three days after this post, and my poor heart is broken...but at least I had his funny little pawsonality in my life for a little while...=-)


Anonymous said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry for you and Pwcca. I recently lost my chocolate lab Lucy to acute renal failure. She was a loving companion too. Hold Pwcca close while you can and in your heart forever.

RK Sterling said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your kitty. {{hugs}}

I came here by way of punkindoodleboo's blog. Great artwork.