26 February 2008

Mashek the Goblin on eBay

Mashek the Goblin has recently moved into the Kitchen at Mrs. Blathersby's; he's living behind the stove.

Mashie decided to take up residence the day he saw Mrs. BO's cook, Mrs. Skimpole, at the Goblin Market purchasing provisions for the Orphanage. It was love at first sight, and he followed Cook home.

Poor Mashek!!

It is unrequited love, alas; Cook has screaming fits at the least glimpse of Mashie, so he must be content with admiring the Object of his Affection from afar, darting from behind the stove occasionally to steal a quick pinch, as lovesick Goblins are wont to do.

23 February 2008

My Pwcca Kitty

Pwcca is only 9 months old...and he's been diagnosed with FIP.

This is a disease kittens contract when exposed to it at 4-5 weeks of age; it lies dormant and then some sort of stress brings it on...and he fell off the loft last week and injured his back -- that was the trigger. Nine months is the optimum age for FIP; if I understand correctly, once past the first birthday the chances of developing it go way down...

He could die tonite, or he could live for a couple more months, but I am going to lose him.

Pwcca's my little luvbug, and I'll miss him so!! He used to sit on my shoulder while I was sculpting, and put his little paws around my neck and kiss me on the nose. He's such a sweetie the vet even cried when she told me.

Addendum: My Pwcca died three days after this post, and my poor heart is broken...but at least I had his funny little pawsonality in my life for a little while...=-)

17 February 2008


Hermit Tink is up on OLA! Click here...

Thanx for looking!!

11 February 2008

eBay and OLA

I'm still on eBay...

But I will be listing art on OnLineAuctions.com, OLA, as well I currently have a fairy on auction there, and will have an oddfae up next week...wish me luck on the new site!!

O, and I'm on Etsy now, too!