29 January 2008

Orphan Edythe

I've joined a new doll group that has me giving free rein to my Edward Gorey-ish tendencies...search on eBay for MRSBO to see some really great dolls -- and take your sense of macabre humor!!

Edythe has been with us here at Mrs. Blathersby's since the day her parents were carried over a cliff into the Sea by suicidal lemmings...

Upon her arrival, Edythe was much given to tears and hysterics, but the Wretched Sisters administered liberal doses of Dr. P.W. Radam's Sulfuric Tonic, and dear Edythe has become the perfect example of "Children should be seen and not heard."

The social workers here at Mrs. BO are confident Edythe is ready for adoption, and will be the perfect child for you...

Edythe is a one-of-a-kind artist piece with hand-painted eyes, hand-sculpted of my own blend of polymer clay and detailed with powdered pigments and artists' acrylics.

She measures 8" tall and is dressed in silk and lace, handsewn by the artist. Her head turns, and her arms and legs are carefully posable.


kay susan said...

Oh Wow! She's horrible, quite perfect in fact!