20 October 2008


I just can't get enough of those Jazzys, they're soooo much fun! Of course, I had to do something to make 'em mine, so here are some of the "Oddies" I made at Sandy Camp. More pix coming soon -- BTW, that's one of Marie Segal's fabulous wands the one in the back is holding...

22 September 2008

All that Jazz!

I was digging thru my Pattern Bin this weekend, looking for something different to make, and tripped across "Jazzy" by Julie Booth, teeny li'l wrap dolls. OK, these should be called Potato Chip Dolls, you can't make just one!! Or "Tangles", cos the hair tangles with the fabric while you're wrapping, but boy, they sure are fun...

15 September 2008

Rea the Birdfae

At last, I have a picture of Little Rea (he was sold at Comic Con) -- I think there's a whole flock of these birdfae about to be hatched, they're really fun to make!!


The Chimera was on display at Dimensions in Dollmaking...see previous post...=-)

31 August 2008

Back from San Diego

The class went very well -- everyone went home with a sculpted head, and we had a lot of fun! AND, the gals threw a little birthday party for me...how cool is that?!

The Dimensions in Dollmaking show was fantastic this year -- over 60 dolls from all the world (I'll post a pic of my entry in the next couple of days). It was very inspiring, and I'm just brimming with new ideas...stay tuned!!

20 August 2008

The Kneebone's Connected to the Headache...

Saw the knee specialist this afternoon...he did more xrays and a more in-depth look at the MRI. The ACL is detached, we knew that, but rather than a lateral ligament tear, the medial meniscus (on the inside of the knee) is torn, and both the large bones are bruised badly -- it shows up on the xray as big white patches. He said it may take a year for the bruising to heal.

I'm off the crutches and walking with a cane. I'm going to do two months of physical therapy, to see if the knee will stabilise, then I will see the doc again and we will talk if surgery is needed.

.....and the cold has become flu, and I've lost my voice. =-P

11 August 2008

Success x 2!!

The oddfae did quite well at Comic Con (3 gone to new homes, and so many Hermits adopted I lost count!), and some of the dolls went to the Doll and Teddy Bear EXPO last weekend, where one of them found a new home...they're starting to leave faster than I make them!

14 July 2008

San Diego Here I Come

ComicCon International, July 24-27...next week! Come visit the oddfae and me at Booth 4718...maybe you can buy a print...XD

30 June 2008

Suffering for My Art...

Greg and I were doing a photo shoot yesterday, outdoor pix of me and the Oddfae; I was going up a hill and there was a loud grinding pop from my knee...

I am now on crutches and wearing a honking big brace to support the torn ligaments in the knee...we have to wait a week for the swelling to go down to judge the extent of the damage and if I'll need surgery or can just get by with PT.

At least it wasn't my hands, so I can still sculpt!! Only three weeks 'til San Diego...the positive -- Greg is on break so he won't have to miss work driving me to doctors...the negative -- my studio is upstairs...

29 June 2008

Odd Prints

I'm having some prints made of Arjhaan, to be one of the lower-priced items for San Diego Con...

17 June 2008

Hermits have NO Fun!!

The Oddfae are gearing up for San Diego Con once again...we'll have a little more room this year, a half-booth! You can see old Oddfae that will be there by clicking here, and stay tuned for new fae as they hop off the art tables!

13 May 2008

I've Been a Busy Kid...

Lots of stuff on eBay, and more things on the sculpting table...getting ready for San Diego again!

I'm looking more and more like the Insomnia Fairy!

08 May 2008

Oddfae-mous? Almost...LOL

I just heard from some friends in the UK -- Oddfae are in this month's British publication, Faeries And Enchantment ~ FAE Summer 2008 magazine on pages 42 & 43.

FAE Mag Summer 2008

Thought y'all might like to know...=-)

09 April 2008

Here's Leonidas

All finished!!

08 April 2008

Wendy Froud Workshop

This past weekend I was a participant in Wendy Froud's "Creating a Faery Figure" Pasadena workshop -- while I picked up a couple of tips, mostly it was just fun to be in a creative atmosphere and to see Wendy and Toby again. I got to meet some gals I had only known online up 'til now, and make a couple new friends.

O, yah! I made a doll, too! LOL

Here are some WIP pix of Leonidas...stay tuned for a completed portrait.

03 April 2008

Finally, a BJD...

This is what I've been doing for the last week, rather than things I'm supposed to be doing...=-D

I have intended to make one of the ball-jointed dolls (BJD) for several years now, and finally sat down and made one!

All Jonna's parts are hand-sculpted -- he is hollow, and strung together with elastic, so he is completely posable. Now the poor li'l fae needs some clothes!

I'm very pleased with the result, and will be doing more in future....I think the next one will be a Faeda...

06 March 2008

Belligerent Basil

Basil found a boomerang in the brambles behind Mrs. BO...to date, he's belligerently broken five windows, Mr. Brebble's eyeglasses, and a brindle cat.

The cat will recover, but Mr. Brebble will have that nasty Twitch for the rest of his life...

We here at Mrs. BO feel Basil would best be placed with a Family with a large yard, or a home without furnishings or pets. Unbreakable eyeglasses may be a plus.

For more pictures of Basil, click here.

26 February 2008

Mashek the Goblin on eBay

Mashek the Goblin has recently moved into the Kitchen at Mrs. Blathersby's; he's living behind the stove.

Mashie decided to take up residence the day he saw Mrs. BO's cook, Mrs. Skimpole, at the Goblin Market purchasing provisions for the Orphanage. It was love at first sight, and he followed Cook home.

Poor Mashek!!

It is unrequited love, alas; Cook has screaming fits at the least glimpse of Mashie, so he must be content with admiring the Object of his Affection from afar, darting from behind the stove occasionally to steal a quick pinch, as lovesick Goblins are wont to do.

23 February 2008

My Pwcca Kitty

Pwcca is only 9 months old...and he's been diagnosed with FIP.

This is a disease kittens contract when exposed to it at 4-5 weeks of age; it lies dormant and then some sort of stress brings it on...and he fell off the loft last week and injured his back -- that was the trigger. Nine months is the optimum age for FIP; if I understand correctly, once past the first birthday the chances of developing it go way down...

He could die tonite, or he could live for a couple more months, but I am going to lose him.

Pwcca's my little luvbug, and I'll miss him so!! He used to sit on my shoulder while I was sculpting, and put his little paws around my neck and kiss me on the nose. He's such a sweetie the vet even cried when she told me.

Addendum: My Pwcca died three days after this post, and my poor heart is broken...but at least I had his funny little pawsonality in my life for a little while...=-)

17 February 2008


Hermit Tink is up on OLA! Click here...

Thanx for looking!!

11 February 2008

eBay and OLA

I'm still on eBay...

But I will be listing art on OnLineAuctions.com, OLA, as well I currently have a fairy on auction there, and will have an oddfae up next week...wish me luck on the new site!!

O, and I'm on Etsy now, too!

29 January 2008

Orphan Edythe

I've joined a new doll group that has me giving free rein to my Edward Gorey-ish tendencies...search on eBay for MRSBO to see some really great dolls -- and take your sense of macabre humor!!

Edythe has been with us here at Mrs. Blathersby's since the day her parents were carried over a cliff into the Sea by suicidal lemmings...

Upon her arrival, Edythe was much given to tears and hysterics, but the Wretched Sisters administered liberal doses of Dr. P.W. Radam's Sulfuric Tonic, and dear Edythe has become the perfect example of "Children should be seen and not heard."

The social workers here at Mrs. BO are confident Edythe is ready for adoption, and will be the perfect child for you...

Edythe is a one-of-a-kind artist piece with hand-painted eyes, hand-sculpted of my own blend of polymer clay and detailed with powdered pigments and artists' acrylics.

She measures 8" tall and is dressed in silk and lace, handsewn by the artist. Her head turns, and her arms and legs are carefully posable.

24 January 2008

I'm Baa-a-ack...

Finally back to my poor neglected blog...I've been hanging out on MySpace and Enchanted Folk, and the OOaK Guild, and doing pretty well on eBay.

And check out a cool group, Mrs BO...