09 October 2007

Hey, It's Good...

...to be back home again! Sandy Camp was fun, tho' I've brought no art home with me to show for it. I traded art for art, worked on Bottles of Hope all weekend, stayed up too late with roommates Diane and Carolyn, and soaked in the fabulous hot springs at Warner Springs Ranch.

Spending time with friends is always the best part, and seeing my friend Marie Segal is the best of the best! You can check out Marie's webpage, she's on MySpace and has a great blog, too.

Speaking of MySpace, I've finally joined the masses and have a Space...come on over and be my friend!! And check out a new networking site just for friends and believers of Faerie, Enchanted Folk -- visit me as oddfae over there.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I have been seeing pictures of the wildfires in Southern California...hope all is well with you and yours!