23 October 2007

CA Firestorm

First, thanx to everyone who's written to ask how we're doing...it's very much appreciated.

This photo is of FreeFall at Six Flags Magic Mountain, taken from I5. It gives a pretty good idea of how the whole Santa Clarita Valley looks.

Yesterday (Monday) we were under mandatory evacuation in Saugus from early morning for many hours, so we bunged the cats in the car and went to a friend's house...we got back home about 7 last nite, and we *have* a home!! One firefighter was injured in our area, but they held it off. It's burned away from houses, and fortunately the wind didn't turn.

The scary thing is that it's thought the three fires in the area (Buckweed, Magic, Castaic) may join into one huge one...and as the wind picks up again, smaller spot fires keep starting all over the place, so one never knows where the next one will be. Fortunately, the firefighters are smothering these small ones within an hour or so.

We left all the stuff in the car, so we're ready to go again if we have to.

Well, we *did* bring the cats in...=-)

09 October 2007

Hey, It's Good...

...to be back home again! Sandy Camp was fun, tho' I've brought no art home with me to show for it. I traded art for art, worked on Bottles of Hope all weekend, stayed up too late with roommates Diane and Carolyn, and soaked in the fabulous hot springs at Warner Springs Ranch.

Spending time with friends is always the best part, and seeing my friend Marie Segal is the best of the best! You can check out Marie's webpage, she's on MySpace and has a great blog, too.

Speaking of MySpace, I've finally joined the masses and have a Space...come on over and be my friend!! And check out a new networking site just for friends and believers of Faerie, Enchanted Folk -- visit me as oddfae over there.

01 October 2007

October Comes in on Little Cat Feet...

...to paraphrase a poem. A new rescue-boy has come to live with us...his name is Pwcca, a 4-month-old Maine coon cat. This is the only 30 seconds he has been still since arriving...

It's October, and I'm both happy and sad.

Happy: Sandy Camp in 2 days! Four days of sculpting and art with friends. Who could ask for more?

Sad: No Faerie Con for this kid...=-(
Oh well, there's always next year...

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