07 September 2007

Sandy Camp is Almost Here!

Time to gear up for Sandy Camp, the annual clay retreat in San Diego CA! Five days of clay, food, demos, friends, and soaking in the hot pool at Warner Springs Ranch...paradise! Maybe I'll finally get around to attempting a ball-jointed doll in polyclay.

Herne is going to be in a calendar, available for sale in the Artists' Store...=-)


Clothmatters said...

Herne is magnificent.

DawnS/Oddfae said...


Anonymous said...

Is Herne the magician? I love the magician! He's fabulous. I love those socks and his shoes, well I'd like a pair.

Have a great time at Sandy Camp D.

DawnS/Oddfae said...

Herne is a Green Man, tho' someday I'd like to try the Magician...=-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to meet you. I'm coming to Sandy Camp also. I have coveted Kim's egg man for some time now. Your work has always been a favorite of mine! See you soon.
Judy Belcher

Anonymous said...

Damn! Now I have new things to covet and lust after!!! Just what I needed on my budget! (I want Oliver and Ogdred and a hermit or two, and...) Absolutely fantastic (pun intended) work! Thanks for the free smiles! Sherry Bailey