27 August 2007

SD Quilt Show/Dimensions in Dollmaking

I had two oddfae that went to the show....

Greg and I tried to see the show!! It took us five hours to make what is normally a 2.5-3 hour drive...traffic was miserable. We later learned of the all-day Reggae Festival at Del Mar Fairgrounds — oy! Had we known, we'd've taken a different freeway...

By the time I got into the show, there was only time to hug the Keelings and Pamela Armas -- and I prolly wouldn't have got to see them had they not been on the same aisle as the doll show! No shopping for me...=-(

I was able to meet two of the ladies of IOLCC, Georgia and Lois, who were watching over the dolls, which were fabulous!! My fave was a rendition of Jackson Pollock doing one of his drip paintings...not that all the dolls weren't wonderful -- it's just I adore Pollock's work, and it was a treat to see him so iconically represented... =-)

Here's a link to past shows:
Dimensions in Dollmaking