25 January 2007

Pictures! I Got Pictures!!

Here he is...my first original pattern!!

Durant is a thespian much enamored of his own talents, who has played before the Crowned Heads of Yurp...=-D

I'm planning to make a kind of "dress-up doll" of him...same basic doll, lots of different clothes. He may even appear in drag on occasion, so stay tuned!

My other new guy isn't cloth -- so you'll have to go to my website to see him...

22 January 2007

Where Did January Go?

We're almost a month into 2007, and I can't help but wonder...HOW!!??

I've been so busy the month has just flown by -- and there was SNOW in Southern CA! Go figure. I have all kinds of deadlines to meet, but I will have the camera out soon and show ya'll what I've been doing...=-)