01 November 2007

Back to "Normal"

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed concern for myself and my family during the Santa Clarita Wildfires. We are back home and safe!

So I'm back to art and posting on eBay. Click here to see...

My newest musical discovery:

Bending Tradition
By Emerald Rose

23 October 2007

CA Firestorm

First, thanx to everyone who's written to ask how we're doing...it's very much appreciated.

This photo is of FreeFall at Six Flags Magic Mountain, taken from I5. It gives a pretty good idea of how the whole Santa Clarita Valley looks.

Yesterday (Monday) we were under mandatory evacuation in Saugus from early morning for many hours, so we bunged the cats in the car and went to a friend's house...we got back home about 7 last nite, and we *have* a home!! One firefighter was injured in our area, but they held it off. It's burned away from houses, and fortunately the wind didn't turn.

The scary thing is that it's thought the three fires in the area (Buckweed, Magic, Castaic) may join into one huge one...and as the wind picks up again, smaller spot fires keep starting all over the place, so one never knows where the next one will be. Fortunately, the firefighters are smothering these small ones within an hour or so.

We left all the stuff in the car, so we're ready to go again if we have to.

Well, we *did* bring the cats in...=-)

09 October 2007

Hey, It's Good...

...to be back home again! Sandy Camp was fun, tho' I've brought no art home with me to show for it. I traded art for art, worked on Bottles of Hope all weekend, stayed up too late with roommates Diane and Carolyn, and soaked in the fabulous hot springs at Warner Springs Ranch.

Spending time with friends is always the best part, and seeing my friend Marie Segal is the best of the best! You can check out Marie's webpage, she's on MySpace and has a great blog, too.

Speaking of MySpace, I've finally joined the masses and have a Space...come on over and be my friend!! And check out a new networking site just for friends and believers of Faerie, Enchanted Folk -- visit me as oddfae over there.

01 October 2007

October Comes in on Little Cat Feet...

...to paraphrase a poem. A new rescue-boy has come to live with us...his name is Pwcca, a 4-month-old Maine coon cat. This is the only 30 seconds he has been still since arriving...

It's October, and I'm both happy and sad.

Happy: Sandy Camp in 2 days! Four days of sculpting and art with friends. Who could ask for more?

Sad: No Faerie Con for this kid...=-(
Oh well, there's always next year...

Latest Seidh: The Seidh Hag!!

07 September 2007

Sandy Camp is Almost Here!

Time to gear up for Sandy Camp, the annual clay retreat in San Diego CA! Five days of clay, food, demos, friends, and soaking in the hot pool at Warner Springs Ranch...paradise! Maybe I'll finally get around to attempting a ball-jointed doll in polyclay.

Herne is going to be in a calendar, available for sale in the Artists' Store...=-)

27 August 2007

SD Quilt Show/Dimensions in Dollmaking

I had two oddfae that went to the show....

Greg and I tried to see the show!! It took us five hours to make what is normally a 2.5-3 hour drive...traffic was miserable. We later learned of the all-day Reggae Festival at Del Mar Fairgrounds — oy! Had we known, we'd've taken a different freeway...

By the time I got into the show, there was only time to hug the Keelings and Pamela Armas -- and I prolly wouldn't have got to see them had they not been on the same aisle as the doll show! No shopping for me...=-(

I was able to meet two of the ladies of IOLCC, Georgia and Lois, who were watching over the dolls, which were fabulous!! My fave was a rendition of Jackson Pollock doing one of his drip paintings...not that all the dolls weren't wonderful -- it's just I adore Pollock's work, and it was a treat to see him so iconically represented... =-)

Here's a link to past shows:
Dimensions in Dollmaking

01 August 2007

Hey Look! I've Updated My Blog...

...finally back from San Diego Comic Con, but not recovered!!

Sold three dolls, and it looks like I *will* be doing FaerieCon in October. The only downside to FaerieCon is I might not get to go to Sandy Camp...I'll have to work it out.

The Manticore got a lot of attention -- to the point where someone picked him up and started to "fly" him around! Greg nearly had a coronary. And one "cute old lady" (as Greg described her) scratched the werewolf on the head and told him he was adorable (the doll, not my husband, LOL)! The most popular dolls seemed to be the monsters and Arjhaan -- and the half-doll I made for my sign! I'm working her up into a full doll today.

Norm and Leta, the folks who run Chimera Publishing (where my dolls were on display), are working with me on plans to do prints of my dolls, not photos, but my drawings of my dolls. They're going to be coaching Greg and I in printing, shipping and the business end of things.

They also introduced me to some of their artist friends, people whom they publish and adore...Greg Spalenka, Stephanie Roberts, Ciruelo, and the Frouds -- wonderful people, every one!! We all got to spend time together after hours, visiting scrumptious restaurants and just having fun. I'll be working with Stephanie and Ciruelo on figures based on their work.

I was glad to finally meet fellow dollmakers Patti Culea and Noel Wolfman when they stopped to visit the oddfae and me -- such delightful ladies!! I'm hoping to visit their doll clubs in future...

I didn't actually get to see much of the show, but I had *such* a good time.

We stopped at the hotel bar for a nightcap after dinner one night, and bumped into Brian -- Toby joined us a little later. We talked about art, Faerie, costuming, and movies and books. Brian talked with me for a long time about how he and I create art, what our studios are like, and about Jim Hensen. Toby and Brian had some wonderful stories about making Labyrinth.

Our booth was near a costumer/clothier for Renfaire, and I scored some beautiful skirts at $10 each. Leta and I discovered skelanimals and have become rabid collectors. Bud Plant actually had no books I was interested in this year -- that's a first!!

I haven't drawn in such a long time, I wonder if I remember how!! Those old skills are so atrophied, they may no longer work...I need to go downstairs and dig out all my pens and see if they are any good.

I am totally exhausted! I'm also totally inspired! I'm searching for all my old art supplies and getting ready to take a whack at drawing my oddfae...

04 June 2007

It's June...Eek!

I need to make more dolls!! San Diego is next month...

Two "press releases"...

A nice comment about my work...Needle and Clay

I have a piece in the August issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming -- look in the Gallery for my Manticore...

15 May 2007

Links 'n' Stuff...

Just added a couple of links -- no cloth doll news, sorry -- check out Stringfellow Art and Morgan Keith Studios. I've been busy on eBay and commissions, and now I have to get started on pieces to take to San Diego Comic Con...

02 March 2007


I've been having a good time the last couple of weeks working on mythological creatures...I'm taking Judy Skeel's Harpy class on Doll Street, and it's a great class with a chatty group on the mailing list.

The other beastie is a Manticore -- you can see him on my website.

Now on to a Minotaur!

25 January 2007

Pictures! I Got Pictures!!

Here he is...my first original pattern!!

Durant is a thespian much enamored of his own talents, who has played before the Crowned Heads of Yurp...=-D

I'm planning to make a kind of "dress-up doll" of him...same basic doll, lots of different clothes. He may even appear in drag on occasion, so stay tuned!

My other new guy isn't cloth -- so you'll have to go to my website to see him...

22 January 2007

Where Did January Go?

We're almost a month into 2007, and I can't help but wonder...HOW!!??

I've been so busy the month has just flown by -- and there was SNOW in Southern CA! Go figure. I have all kinds of deadlines to meet, but I will have the camera out soon and show ya'll what I've been doing...=-)