20 December 2006

A "New" Sewing Machine

I've been sewing on a 12-year-old Singer, but I have a "new" machine -- a 1951 Necchi Bu; it works as well or better than the Singer, and is so easy to operate! I found this beauty on eBay...my Mom taught me to sew on a machine like this when I was a kid, and I was very sad when her machine was sold out of the family. The cabinet has a couple of dings, but for a 65-year-old piece of furniture it looks great...I just need a vintage knob to replace the one missing from the front. Think I can find one on eBay...? =-)

07 December 2006

So, I'll Be a Better Seamstress Now...?

Well, a new sewing table should mean I'll be better at what I'm doing, yah? =-)
An early Hannukah gift from my DH!

27 November 2006

My First Complete Cloth Doll...

Since I really dig witches, what better choice to be my first attempt at following a pattern than Patti LaValley's Gingerbread Witch...?

She says her name is Pumkin.