17 May 2012

Everyone Needs a Fetch...

One’s studio is never complete without an assistant — and you can learn to make your own! I'll teach you to make your own Fetch oddfae, as featured in my new book, “FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay” (available for pre-order on Amazon — click over to faemaker.com and follow the link).

If you're gonna be in the San Diego area July 7&8, think about signing up for this two-day workshop! It'll be big fun! The class is limited to 10 students, and we have four places left. If you'd like more information or want to sign up: Contact Sue Roos, susanka48@cox(dot)net.


Rhissanna said...

Oh my! He has the most gorgeous toes! I love his feet. How do you get such character into feet? He's glorious!