06 March 2008

Belligerent Basil

Basil found a boomerang in the brambles behind Mrs. BO...to date, he's belligerently broken five windows, Mr. Brebble's eyeglasses, and a brindle cat.

The cat will recover, but Mr. Brebble will have that nasty Twitch for the rest of his life...

We here at Mrs. BO feel Basil would best be placed with a Family with a large yard, or a home without furnishings or pets. Unbreakable eyeglasses may be a plus.

For more pictures of Basil, click here.


Rivkah Mizrahi said...

OMGosh Dawn this is fabulous. I love him!
What did you use to make the black shadows under his eyes?

DawnS/Oddfae said...

Thanx Rivkah!! It's china paint, dusted on the raw clay...=-)

Flora said...

I love coming here! Because of this I am giving you the "You Make My Day" award,now you have to post 10 people who do the same for you!

punkindoodleboo said...

Hiya Dawn!
You are just so incredibly talented! I love your work, and getting to know you on MRSBO has been so much fun. I too, like Ms. Flora, are giving you the "You Make My Day Award"!

Punkin Doodle Boo Folk Art