04 May 2016

...If Not for Deadlines...

...well, you know the rest.

It's time to work on pieces for Comic Con International ALREADY! Where has the year gone? And all the other pieces I need to do...I find myself wondering how I suddenly got so busy...

Another pocketwatch done. You can see more pix on Etsy...

Still working on the piece for "Unlocking Wonderland" —
I chose to interpret the Hatter. Some progress pix:

His nose kinda got away from me, but I think it works!

This doll is really an experiment for me, something I've wanted to
try for a looong time. If it works out, I may be off on a new direction for a while — stay tuned!

Gotta get up to the studio and get to work, so I'll post more next week...see ya then!

25 April 2016

Another Piece Ticked Off the List...

Here's another oddfae off the list and ready to go!

Folks are certainly challenging my sculpting abilities when they order these guys — what great ideas they have!

Now on to the piece for "Unlocking Wonderland"...

Hatter or Jabberwocky? Hmmm...

20 April 2016

New Sox

Here's one of the oddfae I made last week — he's on his way to his new home, but agreed to let me snap a couple of pix before he left...

...ans here's his cousin that lives in a watchcase; notice the color of the paint on his brush? Most folks know I don't like to paint, so I got some help with the stripes...

See ya next week!

11 April 2016

Been "Sketching"...

So these lil guys are how I "sketch" with clay...

I just stuff a gob of clay into a half-shell, and start noodling. If I get a face I really like, I'll turn it into a larger piece, maybe a furry troll, or a doll if a costume pops into my head. All depends what they tell me!

Working on commissions this week, so I may have a sneak peek or two later in the week — if not, see ya next Monday!

05 April 2016

Let's Shake the Cobwebs Off This Poor Ol' Blog....

Time to give this blog some love! Hope y'all have been well, and ya didn't get flu like I did — took me three weeks to get over it!

As a result, got nothing new to show ya...so here's a lil guy I was working on before I got sick.

He REALLY doesn't want ears, but I have an idea what I'm gonna do with him — stay tuned!

'Kay, that's it for the mo'...see ya next Monday!

01 June 2015

It's That Time o' Year!

San Diego Comic Con is looming on the horizon, which means my annual class in San Diego is happening again!

All the pertinent info is on the flyer, with one addition — we're having the mask class on Saturday July 04 as well!

14 November 2014


I have recently learned how to cast resin, taught by the multi-talented Kathy Davis...

First, I sculpt an original character in polymer clay...

...then pour a mold over the original.

When the mold rubber has set, the original sculpt comes out, and liquid resin is poured in. When the resin sets, the piece is demolded and detailed with paint and eyes, then I construct a doll.

I'm currently making OddPunks and DragonPunks.

'Punks have resin heads and feet, and the pieces are assembled on a soft body covered with faux fur, standing between 4 and 6 inches tall. I'm pretty sure they don't bite, but I'm not making any promises...

My cast resin figures are handmade, but are NOT one-of-a-kind.

The 'Punks are going up in my Etsy shop...and I'll have a couple new dolls in there, too...stay tuned!!